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Here are some observing sites around Arid-zona that are frequented by the various clubs.  While you need not be a member of the specific clubs to use most of these sites, good manners are to affiliate yourself with one of the clubs.  Entries marked private land are not accessible except during specific club sponsored events. 

As always, pack out what you bring in, leave nothing but footprints and used photons! 

Any Naglers or PanOptics I find are mine to keep....


Observing Sites


Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Ham Radio Repeater*
5 Mile Meadow 34 41.975 111 26.814 6834   
Arizona City (Farnsworth Ranch is private land, special events only) 32 27.600 111 43.800 1801  
Cherry Road 34 31.157 112 5.102 4465  
Cherry Road II 34 30.864 112 5.140 4600'  
Hovatter Road South - Antenna Site  (BLM) 33 35 06  113 37 59  
Eagle Eye 33 43.782 113 17.814 1299  
Flat Iron 33 39.948 112 49.182 1486   
Turnout to Flat Iron (off of Wickenburg Rd.) 33 39.959 112 49.217 1485  
Picket Post Trailhead  ("Tordillo" Mountain)** 33 16.356 111 10.598   Usery Mountain, 447.650/-/186.2***/IRLP Node # 3797
Boyce Thompson Arboretum (EVAC access only) 33 16 20.2 111 11 16.3   Usery Mountain, 447.650/-/186.2***/IRLP Node # 3797
Griffin Ranch (NFS) 33 37' 24" 110 39' 27" 4000'  
Sentinel - generally not used anymore 32 49.576 113 12.382 735  

*  The repeaters listed are the one(s) closest with the best ability to "make it out to the free world".  Only Open repeaters will be listed. If you have others that you would like to suggest email me the information.  I generally monitor the frequencies while observing and shut down when I go to bed. Detailed information by clicking on the repeater frequency.  Please advise on any changes if you encounter them.  If you live in a far away place, some of the links are on IRLP and you can bring up the link and call us.  We'd like the QSO, I will send QSL cards from contacts made while I'm out in the bush.  IRLP nodes can be located easily with the IRLP Google Earth link.     K7BVO

** This has been reclassified as a DAY USE ONLY area (with the prerequisite signage) however the hosts of the site and the agency that oversees the site allow telescope use as long as you are not camping there for the night.  Stay as long as you want, just don't sleep!

***  Discrepancy, depending on what source you check, generally what is listed worked for me.

Picket Post Trail Head directions: Phoenix, take U.S. 60 east. Midway between mile markers 221 and 222, look for Forest Road 231 heading south, there is a sign noting "Trucks Entering Highway, there is a crossover at the turnoff. Follow it 0.3 mile to a "T" junction, then turn east and follow the road 0.8 mile (the sign says 0.6) to the large parking area.

Flat Iron Directions: Phoenix, take I-10 west to 339th Ave exit.  North on 339th to Indian School Rd, go west (left).  Go 2 miles to Wickenburg Rd., go North (right).  Travel northerly until you reach mile post 23.  Just after the marker (about .3 mile) there is a dirt road angling off to the right at a sharper than 90 degree angle.  If you get to the cattle guard and BLM sign on Wickenburg Rd. after passing the 23 milepost, you went too far.  The observing site is about 0.9 mile in from the road on the left (west) side.  There are a couple of lone trees at the site.

Hovatter South (Antenna Site) Directions: Phoenix, take I-10 west to Exit 53, about 100 miles from Central Phoenix.  The site is 2.0 miles south of I-10, the road goes past an large cell phone antenna farm, hence the name.  After two washes, there is a large desert  pavement on the left.  It is easy to spot since someone has dumped an old washing machine there.

Cherry Road Directions:  Drive north on I-17 about 70 miles from central Phoenix to the Cherry Road exit.  This is state highway 169.  Turn left over the freeway to the west and go about 5 miles, just beyond mile marker number 10.  At the sign which says "Cherry 6" turn south onto a dirt road.  Note:  this is the opposite direction of the arrow that is on the sign.  The observing site is about 6/10 of a mile south on the dirt road on the left, a rather large field.  It is one of the few places where the dirt birm on the edge of the road will allow you to drive off the road.  GPS coordinates are 34:31  112 05 and approximate elevation of 4360' to 4466'.  The GPS coordinates are 34:30:52 112:05:09 elev 4411'."

Griffin Ranch Directions: East on US 60 from the East Valley to the intersection of US60 and Highway 77 on the East edge of Globe.  Go North.  16.5 miles north look for the Griffin Ranch sign on the left (West) side.  This is Haystack Butte Road.  Drive in 2.6 miles.

Astronomy Clubs


Verde Valley Astronomers of Verde Valley
Eagar White Mountains Astronomy Club
Flagstaff Coconino Astronomers
Flagstaff Northern Arizona Astronomy Association
Green Valley Sonora Astronomical Society
Prescott Prescott Astronomy Club
Phoenix East Valley Astronomy Club  (EVAC)
Phoenix Phoenix Astronomical Society (PAS)
Phoenix Saguaro Astronomy Club (SAC)
Sedona Sirius Lookers of Sedona
Sierra Vista Huachuca Astronomy Club
Sun City West Astronomy Club of Sun City West
Tucson Tucson Amateur Astronomy Assn.  (TAAA)
Tucson University of Arizona Astronomy Club
Yuma Yuma Astronomy Club


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