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Here's what I have been going to and also what is scheduled to be held in my neck of the woods (AZ).  If you would like to list something here, please email me with the details.  The various outings have been grouped on pages of like destinations, some folks were getting killed by the access time to the single page I previously had due to the number of images.


Click on a date to go to the destination page for that site.

Hovatter Norte 11/17/06

All AZ Star Party 10/20/06

Hovatter Norte 9/22/06

Hovatter Norte 8/26/06

Hovatter Norte 4/28/06

All AZ Messier Marathon 3/24/06

Hovatter Norte 2/24/06

Hovatter Norte 1/27/06

City Of Rock Star Party 4/8/05

Deep Impact Star Party 7/4/05

Mighty ETX 7/3/04

Nightfall (RTMC) 9/30/04

NightFall (RTMC) 2007

Hovatter Norte 12/12/04



  Updated 1/29/2010