All Motel Cats Are Named Charlie...

Cats we have met over the years


Emerson, Manitoba Canada - July 2012  This was the first Charlie we met in our travels. He is the motel cat at the Maple Leaf Motel  and is the "Charlie" that started all of this.

Earla and I travelled to Winnipeg so I could do a trade show at NACAT and we had a despicable stay at the hotel in Downtown Winnipeg (name deleted to protect the guilty).  I got a bad case of the flu while in Winnipeg and we left a day early and travelled south where we spent a pleasant night at the Maple Leaf.   They have clean, modest rooms and HOT showers!  The hot shower being something I sorely needed to speed my recovery from the flu bug that I caught.

I got up in the middle of the night to see what the sky looked like that far north and was treated to a totally overcast sky.  Bummer!

I sat outside on one of the two chairs (set out for each room, along with a table and an ash tray) for a while in the absolute pitch black enjoying the night air.  I spied a little white blob, bobbing and weaving in the darkness and generally heading my way and thoughts of wild creatures began flitting through my mind.  To tall for a badger, so I had no idea what was headed my way.   In actuality it was the tip of Charlie's tail.  He is a black "tuxedo cat" and topside he is all black, except  for the last inch or so of the tail.  He proceeded to turn into a lap cat and we enjoyed each other's company for about an hour. 

Charlie - Maple Leaf Motel  CANADA

Earla got up, wondering where I was at 2:30 in the morning and when she opened the door he shot inside, onto my bed and decided we were the people to hang out with for the rest of the night. 



 Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of him but recently I managed to contact Dianne Ingimundson (one of the owners) and she was nice enough to send a few for me to share.  She says Charlie is getting older and likes to sleep a lot.  I'm not sure if she has really figured cats out yet or not.  {;o)

Charlie you will always be the fondest memory of that week...



Ski Lift Lodge AZ Snow Bowl - July 2013  Charlie II (whose name is actually "Dude") lives at the  lodge located at the base of the AZ Snow Bowl road.  Earla and I travelled there in July of 2013 as a get away to celebrate our 25th anniversary, which Earla pointed out is actually the 26th.   It's living proof I can't do date math, as I tried to celebrate our 20th on the 19th.  I am going to leave it up to Earla to announce when we should celebrate our 30th...

Charlie II is an extremely sociable Black and White who, upon being fed a small piece of my homemade jerky turned into the quintessential lap cat.  I had the first watch and then Earla took over.

Charlie II  


 A little later it started to drizzle and cool down.  She wrapped him up in a towel, covering him completely.  Every time someone walked by he would pop his head out of the towel like a gopher and then submerge again once he knew what was going on.

Later on we retired inside as it started to rain a bit harder and he made himself at home on the foot of the bed for a few hours.  Wanderlust took hold and he had us let him out.



Indian Valley, Washington March 2016.  We stayed at the Indian Valley Motel one night during our whirlwind tour of the Olympic Peninsula.   If you ever find yourself in the area, I highly recommend a stay.  The restaurant (Grannie's Cafe)  has limited hours off season and the food is excellent and fairly priced.  All in all the nicest stay of the week. 

Like all good small motels, they have a cat, who immediately decided we were the people to hang with.  The cat's name is Blue and is Charlie III on our roster. Apparently he showed up at the motel about 15 years ago as a stray and has hung out ever since. 

Blue suffers from Polydactylism, which means he has multiple toes or malformed feet.   This genetic defect is not a painful affliction and in some cases leaves the cat with better climbing abilities. In the days of sailing ships, they were somewhat prized by the sailors and thought to be good luck.  They are also called "Hemmingway Cats" as the famous author had a penchant for these unusual kitties and left his estate to care for them when he died.  They are also known as Conch, Mitten, Mitten-Foot, Snowshoe, Boxing or Snow Shoe cats.  They are typically found in the Northeast USA or Southwest England and Wales.  Maybe Blue was imported?

In this shot you can see the left front foot that has the "kitty thumb" type of deformation. This in no way detracts from the cat's ability to get around.  This is only the second polydactyl cat that I have ever seen.  The other one had normally formed toes, just way too many of them.  Here is an example of the "lot's of toes" variety

There is definitely a Siamese in this Blue's family history.  As I have always said, "Cats are like gourds, no two are alike"....

The beautiful coloring really shows in this picture.  The cat is like most, lovable and PURRS.  We enjoyed Blue's company for quite a while.




Family & Friend's Cats


Jasper, the company cat at AutoEnginuity in Mesa.  When he arrived he was all black except for one white whisker, which has since disappeared.  Several unfounded accusations were made upon its disappearance.  Jasper is moving!  On September 23rd 2016 he is being adopted Bill & Earla.  AutoEnginuity is moving to a commercial building which is decidedly unfriendly to cats.




Azizah and Kemet, my sister Chris's cats.

Some of our inherited "Yard Cats", Angie (L), Mini Mew (R) and Mittens (rear).  Mini Mew is the momma.