Bread Baking Fun

4 July '12

My second attempt at Pumpernickel bread.  The first was about 20 years ago, the dough was too wet and I wound up with a loaf that could have easily passed for Biscotti if it were sliced correctly.  This time around I was in better shape.  I purchased a baking stone from California Pizza Stones that was cut to fit my oven.  The ceramic stone is almost 3/4" thick and virtually indestructible, or so they claim. 

17 June '12

My first attempt at "artisan bread".  This is a rustic bread recipe from the Fresh Loaf website.  At this time I did not have teh baking stone.  It had a beautiful crust, which crackled as it cooled.  The bread had a wonderful crumb and evaporated quickly with everyone around it.  I did not score the loaves deep enough, so it did not have that picturesque look to it, but man o' man was it good.  Half of the first loaf was gone before it was room temperature.  The picture does not do justice to the loaves!