Friends and Family

April 2013

David and Ruth Christ

Here we are lined up outside the Ronnenburg restaurant in Main Amana Iowa.  David and Ruth Christ with an assist by Beevo and the sign...


Dinner at the Ronnenburg

A fine gathering of friends!  Clockwise from left, Beevo, David and Ruth Christ, Earla Marshall, Laura and Bert Miller. It's been over 20 years since I have eaten there and the passage of time has not been good.  Apparently the Ohler's sold the the restaurant a while back and the food while good, is only reminiscent of its former glory.  The Sauerbraten, a staple I grew up eating in this very room, was just OK.  The side dishes were not as plentiful in variety as they used to be and the main dish servings quite a bit smaller than years ago.  To the Ronnenburg management:  please bring back the old recipe!  While my recipe is slightly different than the original, I would be willing to share it with you....


Tom Nelson

Beevo with Tom Nelson, a good friend from Iowa City High, way back when.  Tom is back in the Iowa City area, Earla and Beevo went to visit.


Beevo and Earla with "The Sign"


That's one damned big wine barrel....