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There are a number of Ham Radio operators also involved in astronomy.  As amateur astronomers living in and around Aurora Bora Phoenix, we find ourselves driving to very remote areas, not all of which are conducive to cell phones.  One of the big things, aside from the removal of the CW requirements of the Ham license, that got me to finally get my license was being able to communicate back to the valley in the case of emergency.  Jimmy Ray and I discussed the creation of this page, a listing of good repeaters for the various observing places we go and my additional though of posting who we are and what repeaters or frequencies we hang out on.

Please notify me or anyone on this list of repeaters that work well for the various observing sites. I will list them in the chart.

This page is a work in progress, feel free to request you be put on the list.  I know a number of Hams involved in astronomy, but I will not put you on this list unless you specifically request that I do so. Also only your name, call sign and city will be listed, send me only the information you want posted.

  Contact me at K7BVOaatttCOXdottNET  (I'll let you figure it out)

Also if you are going to be traveling around the state feel free to coordinate with me to do some testing.  Contact me via email for a phone number.


Last Updated 3/17/2010


Astro Hams List

Name Call Location ** Preferred Repeaters  
Beevo (aka Bill VanOrden) K7BVO South Tempe 443.050, 53.14/51.86* pm-e, wm, 147.240* am-e,  449.600  
Earla  (Mrs. Beevo) N7ASU South Tempe Can act as a base station during telescope weekends, repeater will vary Email Beevo to arrange  
Jimmy Ray KZ7QCW Glendale 449.525*, 441.725 dt-a, dt-p  
Wes K7EDE   146.700, 446.150  
Jay LeBlanc KC7NPT Sonoita    
Steve Rodgers KI7RB Phoenix 147.240  
Chuck Akers KJ7DE Avondale 449-525  
Rick Tejera K7TEJ Phoenix    
Andrew Goodwin KE7DNT Avondale 449.525  
Joe Goss K7JRG Mesa    
John Christensen N1RVR East Tempe 147.360, 147.240, 442.800  

* Preferred frequency (if more than one listed)  ** Arizona unless indicated otherwise


Input Code Shift Tone Call Sign Sponsor Location Notes & Linked Repeaters
443.050 a + 100.0 W7MOT Motorola ARC South Mountain Antenna Farm mt
449.600 b     WB7TJD Superstition ARC NE Mesa gt 147.120
147.120 c     WB7TJD Superstition ARC NE Mesa gt
447.650 d -   WB7QGJ N7DJZ Usery Mountain ca
146.920 e         Mt. Ord L-f
147.240 f         Shaw Butte L-e
441.725 g - 100.0     White Tanks Peak L-
53.14 h - 100.0 WK7B   Pinal Peak L-j  6 meter FM
53.86 j - 100.0 N6IEM   White Tanks L-h 6 meter FM
147.200 k + 162.2 W7ARA AZ Repeater Pinal Peak  
448.475 m - 100.0 W7ARA AZ Repeater Pinal Peak  
145.410 n - 141.3 K7EAR EAARS Pinal Peak Eastern AZ linked system
147.360 p + 162.2 W7MDY   Mt. Ord Rim Link
146.940 q - 162.2 W7EX AZ Repeater White Tanks  
146.860 r + 141.3 K7EAR EAARS Heliograph Peak (S of Safford) Linked to EAARS network including one on Mt Lemmon (s)
147.160 s + 141.3 K7EAR EAARS Mt Lemmon EAARS Network, linked to (r)
146.880 t - 110.90 N70EM TAPR Mt Lemmon Can hit from Phoenix with good antenna and 20+ watts
145.41 u - 141.3 K7EAR EAARS Pinal Peak Linked to s & t can hit from valley with good antenna & 20Watts


Observing Sites

Observing Site Best Repeater Alternate     Notes (Repeaters listed are verified, please email me any other verifications)
Picket Post Trail Head d       Usery mountain is easy with 20W and a mobile antenna !
Antennas Site q g     g took some power to hold, q was easy
Hovatter Norte          
Griffin Ranch k,h,n,m       Pinal Peak repeaters, both can be hit from the valley with 35 watts and a good antenna, usable on the trip out with a few dead zones in the canyon east of Superior.
Cherry Road          
Picacho Peak SP s,t a,c     s  & t can be worked with 5W HT  Need 30+W and a very good mobile antenna for a & c!
Five Mile Meadow p       Wide coverage into the valley and Payson/Flagstaff areas
Kartchner Caverns Campground r       Nice VERY dark site!!  Avoid setting up with view of back of the 2  bathrooms, the only exposed lighting!
Farnsworth Ranch (AAMM & AASP) s,t       s & t can be worked with HT and 5 Watts



-e Early,  before 7:00 if morning    or    before 5:00 if afternoon
-l Late
dt Drive Time, assumed to be 7:00am - 8:30am and 5:00pm to 6:30pm
wm When "Mobile-ing"  If you always monitor when driving. This can include weekends.
* Indicates primary frequency
-a AM
-p PM
gt Ground Tower
ca Closed Autopatch
L- Linked to (code)
mt Mountain top