Enco CNC Conversion


I have come to a point where I really want to do some serious CNC work and more and more projects require a larger table space and/or travel than I have on the MK machine.

Particulars are:

I sourced a set of ball screws that are supposed to work with my Bridgeport clone milling machine. Set of three, Knee, X axis and Y axis cost $1200 dropped on my desk at work.




A milestone was reached on July 3rd 2020, the table was reinstalled and moves under computer control.  The 4th ended with the axis ratios set pretty close to correct and the machine homing correctly!

I need to pull the bolts holding the ball screw nuts to the XY Yoke on the 5th and apply red Loctite to secure them in addition to the split lock washers.  I wanted to wait until I was sure there were no other issues prior to doing this.

First Full Motion Test Video

JOB-1 (aka first real part)

Film Holder I

Film Holder II


Finished Machine