Vaya Con Dios...


Terry Starks KE7LPG  sk

March 9th 2014


Terry was probably best known in the ham radio circles as the guy who started and operated the New Ham net on thursday nights in the Tempe area.  There are countless hams out there that he aided in getting their licences.  He also was a big supporter of getting people on the air by teaching them to build antennas.  I know several times he was over at my house in my machine shop cutting down metal and drilling parts for the myriads of antennas he helped bring into the world.  He supported CERT in a big way and also was an active participant in the MCECG events.  I was seriously saddened when he appeared at the Emergency Preparedness day in the fall of 2013 in a wheel chair.  He may have been down physically but I can assure you his personality was his normal self.  I could never be that outgoing when dealing with a disease as debilitating as canser.  Our hearts go out to Connie and his sons. 


I am proud to have claimed Terry as a friend and truly miss him!



Randy Peterson

Aug 28, 1948 – Mar 22, 2011

Though I did not know him as well as many in EVAC did, I got caught up in his infectious love of astronomy and considered him a good friend.  Many evenings we spent under the stars both at observing sites and at outreach events.  We viewed together, got caught in soccer field sprinklers together and generally had a really fine time.  I was very distressed when he got sick, and took it personally given the rough go he had with his career.  Somehow it didn't seem fair that someone who willingly gave his time to the public got short changed by life's events.  His attitude through both of these trying events was a bunch better than mine would have been, given the same circumstances.  When I last saw him out observing it really seemed that things were finally going his way.  If they weren't, he certainly did a fine job of not letting it get him down.


EVAC, the community and the world in general lost someone special today.  He's now one up on us, as he can now observe above that pesky atmosphere where the skies are truly clear.