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FiFi the Confederate Air Force's B29 visits Phoenix  April 14-16 2107

On the left is an image of Jupiter I took 12/26/01.  I shot this at prime focus with my Cookbook 245 CCD camera using the Windows Cookbook CCD software.

To the right is a shot of the moon done Christmas eve.  Shot it on Fuji 400 C41 and scanned the negative.  I applied a wee bit of unsharp masking to the image.

Next to the shop where I work is a microwave tower and we have had 2-3 Peregrine Falcons visiting us and hanging out!

My friend Todd Driggers (Phoenix Metro's only mobile exotic animal veterinarian) tells me they were on the endangered species list until late 1999. You can reach Todd at (480) 706-8478.  Check out his web site: Foothills Mobile Exotic DVM

Here's another shot with two birds hanging out.  I shot this with my 3" Celestron refractor, a Pentax KX lockup and a 2X tele-convertor.

(click to enlarge)

For more information on Peregrine Falcons and lot's of pictures far more interesting than mine go to the Kodak Bird Cam  page

Beevo went to the I-atn convention in Detroit, here is a shot of Beevo in his element!!  For a reference I am 6'1" in height.....

This is one of the two remaining Lima built Allegheny 2-6-6-6 series steam engines.  Located at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, Beevo's Birthplace.  The other Allegheny is located at the B&O Museum in Baltimore Maryland.

I recommend this site for details

(click to enlarge image)

(click to enlarge image)

The two images to the left were taken in Lower Antelope Canyon just outside of Page, AZ.  They were shot on 4X5 Fuji Velvia, with a Zone VI Cherry Wood 4X5 field  camera and a Schneider Super Angulon  90mm f 5.6 lens.  I used a 1minute exposure at f 22.

 Processed normally in my home lab with a JOBO rotary processor.

First light (sorta...) with the Canon D30 hung on the LX50.  This is shot at prime focus.  I did a little  bit of contrast and brightness adjustment in PhotoShop.

Click on the image for the full view.

Here's another shot taken the evening of 10/10/02.

This was also shot with the D30 at f/6.3 prime focus of the LX50 10".

Click for enlarged view.

My friend Greg has a M&L AC Cobra reproduction and no it's not a kit car!

 The body is hand manufactured aluminum on an original design tube frame.

It is powered by an all aluminum Dove Racing 428 big block with four IDA dual throat downdraft Weber carburetors.

It's quicker than it looks too!


Large stationary diesel generator at the Vulture mine.  The engine stands about16 feet tall!

Pair of F117A Night Hawk Stealth fighters.  An incredible amount of noise, they are anything but stealthy when you talk sound.  By the time you hear them you're done, so I guess it doesn't matter

Earla's point and shoot camera started to eat images so we got her a Canon A720IS (8Mpixel, 6X optical zoom)  Here's one of her first pictures with the camera.  Zoey is yawning, though you could also think she was hissing.  She has only hissed at us once since she came to live with us and that was the first time she ever had seen a laser pointer.  She totally inflated every hair and hissed at the little red dot.


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