Who is Beevo?

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I'm an auto technician by trade and formerly repaired and maintained vehicles for a local police department. My duties were primarily Onboard Computer diagnostics, Electrical repairs, HVAC and Emission Failure diagnosis and repair.  I have since quit leaning over fenders and do sales and run the technical support department for a PC Based automotive scan tool manufacturer.




 I am a ASE Certified Technician holding certifications in the following areas: 

Master Certified Automobile (since 1977)

Master HD Truck  (since 1990)

Advanced Engine Performance L1 (since it's introduction)  

Alternate Fuels (F1)

I am also an active member of thei-ATN (International Automotive Technician's Network), and STS (the Service Technician's Society) a subsidiary of SAE, as well as SAE.  I sit on the Academic Advisory Committee of the Automotive Department at EVIT ( East Valley Institute of Technology) an award winning NATEF certified program for the Phoenix area.













This is me "busy at work" in Mesa, Arizona.  












Observing at Farnsworth Ranch Southwest of Arizona City, Fall 2007  10" Meade SCT on a computerized Synta EQ6 with a Meade ED80APO Triplett or 90mm MAK auxiliary scope.  I have since replaced the 10" Meade with a 11" Celestron StarBright OTA


At home with the electronics bench...


Beevo posing with the "Pluto Telescope" at the Lowell Observatory, on Mars Hill in Flagstaff, AZ. Summer 2007  This telescope was used by Clyde Tombaugh to discover the planet Pluto.  This is the image on my amateur radio QSL card.


Here's Beevo around 1993 shooting large format (4X5) landscapes South-East of the Vulture Mountain.  Yes the hair is permed.  The camera is a ZoneVI Mahogany field camera, I was probably using the 90mm Fuji f4.5 and Fuji RDP100, the highly underrated predecessor of Velvia.  Ben Jeffries a good friend is patiently waiting for me to finish.  A couple of trips into the desert to photograph stuff educated him that a single picture can take 30 minutes.  Good thing old people are patient!


How to photograph mushrooms circa 1990.......        (I am shooting a Pentax 67, 105mm lense, short extension tube, Velvia 220)
















Go ahead and laugh!  Here I am with Teresa at my best friend Bert Miller's party in 1977.  Beauregard is Bert's Irish Setter.  I still have the T shirt, can't fit the pants.....