TS 940 Battery Replacement

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Digital A Board


Pin Spacing








Once you get the speaker and control panel removed, then remove the cover for the digital A board housing.  This image shows the old battery removed and the pins cleaned up for the replacement.  The spacing between the pins is 1.300" and the pin on the left (viewed from the operator's position) is positive. 


New Batteries








The replacement batteries from Batteries Plus.  They are CR2430's with 1.000" solder tabs welded to them.  I punched the terminal holes later with a tiny diameter paper punch.  The batteries cost $6.50 for the pair


Finished Installation

The completed installation.  Note the Piexx RS232 interface board.


Sub Display Battery










When you start seeing displays like this, start getting suspiscious of the battery on the back of the assembly











After removing the top and bottom case covers, you prop the front of the radio up 1 to 1 1/2 inches.    To hinge over the front panel remove both covers (top and bottom). On each side of the radio on the chassis are 3 screws, 1 round head and 2 flat head (these are not the ones in the front panel). Remove the 2 flat head on each side and the front will hinge on the round head. The above picture show the radio incorrectly disassembled!  In this shot you can see the "Voice board" mounted up on top of the chassis.  This radio uses the single battery, CR2430

Previously I had mentioned removing the top screws and leaving the lower screws in place but loose and tilting the face out.  You risk breaking the SSB Slope Tune circuit board if you do this!  Many thanks to Clif Holland for pointing out this mistake.  12/31/2010


Here is the display after being removed and prior to battery replacement.  I had to take the unit to Batteries Plus to ID the coin cells.  Most radios will have a single battery, this one had two and a soldered in diode on the top one.  This radio used CR2032 cells



Want to know if your radio has been reassembled correctly or has not been taken apart?  The bread bag twist-tie is factory!